Welcome to Jürgen Büttgenbach, Sales Representative for Europe, Middle East, and Africa

3/5/2019 5:00:17 PM

AirCo reached agreement on February 13th with Jürgen Büttgenbach, Founder and MD of his own company, J.B.Avicon bvba for 14 years. Juergen will work as our local Sales Representative for mainland Europe, Middle East and Africa. Juergen has a Military Background within the German Air Force and has worked as a VP for AAR in Europe as well as Commercial Director at Fokker Services. Juergen will represent AirCo exclusively and has widespread relationships at the highest levels with some of the largest airlines and MRO’s in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Juergen’s extensive background and industry contacts will be a great fit as the local face of AirCo and to service our clients in that region. Juergen will be based out of his office in Genk/Belgium.

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